This swan refused to leave his savior and new best friend even after being healed and resurrected


Mother threw a small winch to certain death. A tiny baby was trying to survive near the Jones shipyard, located in St Ives.

But some animal attacked him, as evidenced by her wound on the body. The swan remained alive, but was doomed to a slow death. And then the man intervened.

When the owner of the boat – 39-year-old Rob Adamson – found the baby in the grass, he practically did not move and was very weak.

The wound on the frail body began to fester, the swan was already preparing for an imminent death. The man could not leave the baby and moved to live with them.

The swan was cured, he turned out to be a charming female. Sydney, as the hostess called the baby, quickly became attached to him.

In addition to him, Sophie’s dog lived in the house – a Chihuahua breed, she was very peculiar and jealous.

But still, the swan managed to find a common language with Sophie, they slept together, and soon the chihuahua began to take care of the swan.

A little time passed, the baby has already grown up and got stronger. Rob realized it was time to return him to his natural habitat.

He took Sydney to the East Winch RSPCA Wildlife Centre. The staff warmly received him, promising to help him adapt to his natural habitat and get used to his relatives.

Rob handed over his winged friend to the center workers, thinking he would never see him again. However, Sydney decided otherwise.

It took about 2 weeks, as the swan flew to a new place of residence. Mr. Adamson missed him very much, and Sophie’s dog looked for him everywhere, grumbling and whining.

She dragged the jacket Sidney liked to sleep in on chilly days to her couch and guarded it in awe. One sad evening the phone rang in the house.

One day the bell rang from the animal shelter. The boss cautiously asked if Rob could take Sidney back.

According to the man, he categorically refused to behave like an ordinary swan. Sydney cannot be rebuilt in a new way. Hearing this, the man was very happy and immediately rushed to him.

A beautiful swan leisurely strolled through the green meadow, not paying attention to the presence of relatives.

Rob let out a characteristic whistle with which he called the swan. Sydney recognized him and rushed with all her paws to the owner.

The rescued swan returned to his normal life again. Sydney loves to play with Sophie and hugs Mr. Adamson and sleeps in the same bed with him. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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