9-year-old German Shepherd became a caring mother for many orphaned deer


Thanks to movies, I knew from childhood that German Shepherds are the best police and guard dogs.

These dogs do an excellent job of being caring nannies for other animals.

This story is about a dog named Sergeant.

Since childhood, Sergent has enjoyed being the center of attention, playing the bad guy and making peace with him.

Her behavior completely changed when the mistress brought an orphaned deer into the house.

The sergeant immediately took the baby under guardianship and did not part with him even in his sleep.

Next to the dog, the deer quickly got stronger, he taught the baby to walk, jump and play in the yard.

When the deer grew up and was able to take care of itself, it was released back into the wild.

After the owner of the dog shared touching photos of her pet and deer, many volunteers began to contact the girl.

They asked him to help other deer that were left unattended.

The girl agreed, but did not expect the dog to show love for other animals.

To date, the tailed deer has already left behind many deer, but he treats each of them as his child.

Just look at this cuties!

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