Incredible loyalty: The dog was carrying a heavy bag with a child abandoned in the trash


There are many such dogs in Bangkok and even so many people call them garden terriers, but no one imagined that an ordinary dog ​​could be so smart!

This dog’s name is Puna. He is homeless and always roams the streets.

One day, he heard voices coming from a nearby junkyard and headed in that direction. When he began to disassemble the box, he found a package from where the sounds were coming from.

He picked up this heavy bag with his teeth and walked through the crowded streets holding the bag with his teeth.

Then, when he met the first person, he put him at his feet and began to bark.

The man ignored it, thinking it was rubbish, but when he heard a creak, he opened it and saw that there was a small child lying there.

Fortunately, the child was still alive, but without the help of the dog, he definitely would not have lived… This story quickly spread throughout the city, and then on the Internet, and the dog Puna became a real hero!

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