The couple fed a stray cat, and the next day she came to visit them with her 4 kittens


One day, a black cat with huge green eyes appeared on the doorstep of a house where very kind people lived who had once helped her.

This is Curtis and Melanie, a couple from Montreal. They love cats very much and do their best to help them. The couple look after the cats in the area and feed them.

And one day the family decided that it was worth making houses for four-legged guests, and every cat on the veranda could rest there. Here, bowls of food were always ready.

An unusual story happened to the couple this year. A graceful black cat appeared on the threshold of their house, which somehow resembled a panther. The animal was attracted by the smell of food, and they began to treat it. Having eaten, the cat quietly disappeared.

Soon she reappeared, but this time she was not alone: ​​she was accompanied by 4 of her kittens. The children followed their mother onto the porch, studying the situation.

When they saw the saucers of food and the houses, they were ready to jump for happiness – they probably never had better luck than that day! Of course, the guests pounced on the treat, not believing their own happiness.

As it turned out, the cat was about to say goodbye to the kittens – they had grown up enough and had to start an independent life. At the same time, the tailed one decided not to leave them to the mercy of fate: she brought them to them, hoping that they would take care of her babies.

Kind people understood the cat’s hint and decided to help the kittens find a home. True, at first it was not easy, because at first the kittens did not trust people.

Realizing that you first need to earn the trust of animals, they were kind and affectionate with them. Delicious food and attention did their job and the kittens trusted and made friends with them.

Soon, two of them were taken to their house by neighbors, but the remaining brother and sister, who, by the way, were also called Melanie and Curtis, were inseparable. They supported each other and never wanted to leave.

As soon as the couple let them into their house, they were delighted and went to study the dwelling. They were very affectionate and constantly demanded attention.

The owners became attached to them with all their heart, but they could not leave. The fact is that they already had old cats that needed care and attention.

Realizing that the couple can not devote themselves to the „education“ of new pets, they decided to find caring owners for them.

To find a loving home for them, the family turned to local animal rescue organization Chatons Orphelins Montreal for help.

The man turned to the volunteers with a big request – not to separate the kittens, who love each other very much. He understood that for the brother and sister, parting would be a huge stress.

The mother cat, who brought her kittens to the home of these people – Curtis and Melanie, had an amazing instinct: she felt that people would take care of her children.

And soon they really smiled luck! And as for the four-legged Melanie and Curtis, there is no doubt: their namesakes will do everything possible to make the pets happy too!

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