“I realized that I can’t do otherwise”: In the USA, a nurse donated a liver to an unfamiliar child


Braden Outen is an 8-year-old resident of the United States, he grew up a healthy, active boy and was no different from his peers until he became ill in April of this year.

Braden’s parents became seriously worried and quickly took him to the hospital.

The boy was found to have an aggressive virus that destroys liver cells.

The doctors did not want to hide from their parents how dangerous it was, and warned that only a liver transplant could save the boy.

When the parents first heard about the transplant, they nearly fainted. They didn’t even know how bad it was.

The boy was getting worse and worse, and there were no suitable donors. Then, an intensive care unit nurse named Kami Lorenz acted as a donor.

The woman saw how the little patient was suffering, and sincerely wanted to help him.

Luckily for everyone, Lauren was Braden’s perfect partner as a donor. The boy received a liver transplant from a woman and recovered.

Parents could not even express their feelings of gratitude to this woman, it was so selfless!

She was fearless and risked her life for someone else’s boy! Now she is a very important person in the life of the family.

Braden and Kami spent several weeks in the hospital, and after that they were both sent home.

The boy’s parents invited his savior to visit, where they both took part in a memorable photo shoot and showed off their scars.

And on the first of September, Braden already went to school! He feels well and can live the normal life of an 8-year-old child again.

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