17 proofs that we don’t deserve dogs


Dogs are one of the first animals domesticated by man. And for more than 13,000 years they have been living next to us. They save people, help the sick and the elderly, relieve us of fears, and their selflessness can only be envied.

We admire the courage of dogs and simply cannot help but share with you photos of four-legged heroes.

Geo is a 7 month old puppy. He pushed a 10-year-old boy under the wheels of a truck and took the hit himself

This is Jasper, the neighbor’s dog. I can’t leave the house for health reasons. When Jasper sees me, he comes home and brings one of his favorite toys. Today it’s a duck

Taka trains to become a burn therapy dog. Taki’s unique life experience will help survivors understand that there is always hope

Meet Tank. He does not know his name because he is deaf. But this did not stop him from becoming man’s best friend and an excellent service dog.

“My dog ​​brings me a present every day. today pen

Cheetahs are animals with a fragile psyche, so some zoos add dogs to them to relieve stress.

Charlie lives in a dental clinic. He will lie next to you while your teeth are being treated.

“My wonderful guide dog Tami wearing a Ghost bandana. She dated the singer twice and even saw Ghost perform with Metallica. »

Therapy dogs rest after El Paso shooting

“My dog ​​first met his sister after they broke up at the shelter. They kissed for 10 minutes. »

The dog sleeps between the search for survivors of the earthquake in Ecuador

Dog Max was wounded by three bullets while saving his owner from armed bandits.

A friendly dog ​​named Athena rescued her owner from a sinking car

The dog found two girls lost in Algonquin Park in Canada.

“The fat man barked loudly at my mother when I had a seizure in the street. She saved my life that day. »

The dog does not want to let his owner in the accident in the hospital

Kent Olson and his dog Thunder search for survivors of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

What can you say about your pets? If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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