Friendship lasting 18 years: a man saved a hippo from death, and this giant repaid him with great love


This female hippo named Jessica among her relatives is the most famous in the world.

About 150 documentaries have been filmed about her, and every year thousands of tourists seek to visit Jessica.

Let’s get to know this amazing animal better.

Her story began 18 years ago in South Africa. She was found on the river bank near her home. There was no one next to her.

It is possible that the mother of the cub died during a severe flood and it was almost impossible for him to survive.

The man decided to take the animal to his home. Soon the baby was named Jessica.

For a while, Jessica lived in the house of her rescuers, but then she grew up.

The family decided to release Jessica into the very river where they once found her.

However, Jessica became so attached to them that every day she sailed to them and even came to the house where she once lived.

Jessica still likes to watch TV and drink tea. By the way, the former owner brews several liters of her favorite tea for Jessica every day.

The hippopotamus is not afraid of other people either, accepting treats and gentle pats on the head with pleasure.

This story became very famous and especially for tourists they began to conduct tours where they could come to visit Jessica, get to know her and her family.

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