Law enforcement officers managed to find a man who tried to deal with a dog


It is unlikely that anyone will understand what is happening in the minds of people who cruelly offend animals.

In my opinion, such citizens are unworthy of justification and understanding. But it is necessary to condemn and punish them so that others would think and not commit such atrocities.

In any country, faced with an unfair treatment of the younger brothers, the volunteers and defenders well up in tears and they are ready to make great efforts to help the innocent victims.

This is Jimmy and he proved to be a real warrior who fought for his life. That he survived is a real miracle.

On a cold night in Missouri, while police officers were patrolling the area, a sheriff’s deputy noticed a wad moving in a ditch, which turned out to be a small puppy shivering from cold, hunger and fear.

Upon closer inspection, the rescuers noticed that the dog was tied with tape around the muzzle so that the poor fellow could not be heard, and the dogs also tied their paws with adhesive tape so that they would not run away.

If not for this raid of the patrol, then the sufferer would soon go to the Rainbow. It was this outcome that the offender of the dog sought.

Jimmy was taken to the veterinary clinic, where the doctors immediately set about rescuing him.

Dehydration of the body, low body temperature, anemia, fleas – these are just some of the sores that both veterinarians and the animal had to deal with.

While the clinic workers fought to save Jimmy, the deputy sheriff decided not to put the brakes on this case.

He took the tape, knitted the dog and sent it to the laboratory. Forensics were able to locate and identify the fingerprint on the tape.

This piece of evidence led to Paul Garcia, who was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Police believe it was the man who tied up and threw Jimmy out of the car into a roadside ditch. The motive for this crime is unclear, this person is not even the owner of the dog, the investigation continues …

The dog is slowly getting better. According to the vets, his prognosis is good, he still has some residual head tilt, which means he’s a bit off balance. But Jimmy is happy and he wags his tail a lot.

A little later, the owners of the dog, whose name turned out to be Flick, were identified.

People let the animal out for a walk, as they usually did, but on this day everything went wrong. The owner of the dog went outside ten minutes later, but Flick was gone, he just disappeared.

They met only a week later at the veterinary clinic. That was the real joy of loving real family members …!

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