A dog in a wheelchair travels from country to country with his photographer owner


This is a puppy named Mell, whose life is spent in a wheelchair. But he was definitely lucky with the owner, because he travels with him in different countries.

His owner is a photographer and loves to travel with Mell.

Mell is a pit bull, he is already 8 years old. Its owner, Tom Dilworth, adopted the dog from the Yonkers Animal Shelter.

In fact, the first time he went to the shelter, he wanted to choose another dog at the very beginning before he saw Mell. The dog just stole his heart. He was not in a wheelchair then.

When the owner adopted him, he saw that Mell had a neurological condition that was affecting his balance. The illness was not serious, it was just difficult for him to move.

So, in a wheelchair, he can walk, run and travel. He always accompanies his father.

Traveling from country to country, he visits some of the most beautiful places in the world.

As you already understood – Mell also loves to travel and loves his life. Just like the chalk, all other dogs just need love and care, they all want to feel loved with their beloved owners. Believe me, this is all they need from life.

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