A miracle of nature: four charming babies were born from the union of a white lion and a white tigress


As we all know, there are no unicorns, but recently in one of the reserves the most charming and cute creatures were born that will surpass even the cutest unicorn.

The white tigress named Ivory and the white lion Saraswati gave birth to the rarest and most amazing creatures on the planet!

And here are the charming offspring: Yeti, Odlin, Samson and Apollo!

Ligers (a hybrid of a lion and a tiger) are very rare and almost never found in the wild.

And these four babies seem to be the first ligers born in captivity.

Here they are – fluffy substitutes for unicorns!

Their closest relative named Hercules lives in the same cattery and is officially recognized as the largest living feline on the planet.

Ligers, like other hybrids, are not capable of producing offspring.

Thus, these four adorable cubs are the first and last to be raised in this reserve.

They are beautiful and rare!

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