A poor and weak black bear cub was found by a friendly dog who took him home thinking he was a „puppy“


Dogs love to explore nature and find different things there. They are also very friendly and can get close to any creature.

And so, confusing this dog with a puppy, one day he brought home a little bear cub.

The dog found this little creature in the woods of their house. The dog probably thought it was a puppy. The owners of the dogs were surprised to learn that it was a teddy bear.

The poor animal was bewildered and very weak, weighing very little.

We did not know at what time he left under these conditions. It was assumed that he was lost and could not return to his family.

The father of the family, Richard Vaughn, explored the forest, but never found the bear’s parents, or even his brothers and sisters.

They then took the bear to a wildlife center. Here he will be safe and well taken care of. In the end, thanks to Tim’s efforts, the child recovered within a few months.

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