An incredibly rare white crow found by rescuers has successfully recovered at the Wildlife Recovery Center


After the rescuers rescued this unique white crow, he was taken to a rehabilitation center for examination and was rescued in time, as he had serious health problems.

Here he was treated very carefully and tried his best to take good care of him.

Soon, thanks to the hard work of the doctors, his life was no longer in danger.

But he was still very weak, he could get sick very quickly or get sick again.

There was even a possibility that he might not survive!

After taking antibiotics, he is now disinfected, ready to take vitamins, thus maintaining his health and having a stable immune system.

The treatment process, although slow, gives positive results, especially since the sick bird, which was originally fed through a tube, now eats on its own, and its appetite has improved.

It is rare to see these types of crows, but they are more famous than in the fairy tales we heard in childhood!

They are very rare.

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