Dog spent 9 years alone in a junkyard after his owner abandoned him


Hope For Paws received a call from a woman who found an elderly stray dog ​​while looking for shelter under a delivery container in a landfill.

Arriving rescuers found the dog under the container in the mud, among the garbage.

After talking with local residents, the rescuers found out that the owner of the dog was deported 9 years ago, and he was simply abandoned.

All this time he wandered the streets, looking for his owner. And at some point and in no way attracted clinical attention, which led to her lowering her eye.

Fini the dog really wanted to find a loving home. Rescuers put a soft trap around Feeney’s neck and waited for him to react.

Once upon a time, Feeney was very sweet and pleasant and crawled right out from under the delivery container.

After they took a closer look at it, they decided that it was special and found that all of its enamel had rotted and broken.

They quickly rushed him to the clinic, where sooner or later he would receive appropriate medical care and a much-needed bath.

The veterinarians learned that he had a spinal cord infection, urinary tract infection, as well as a dental disease and a breast tumor.

And after the bath, Feeney lay down on the sofa with warm blankets. He quickly fell asleep for the duration of his first blissful sleep in 9 years.

Los Angeles Animal Rescue gave Feeney a Rest Room. He spent many days walking, playing in the fresh air and for the first time in a long time he felt true love. In the end, Feeney understood what his life should be like.

5 months after his rescue, Feeney passed away… Thanks to all these people, he was able to live happily the last months of his life… Rest in peace, baby.

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