Firefighters were putting out a fire in a house when they saw a dog holding something in its mouth


One day a huge fire broke out in Chile. The wind helped it spread to neighboring houses.

Firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene and put out the fire and rescued people.

Introducing a dog named Amanda, in addition to the actions of firefighters, he must also talk about this dog, which saved his children.

Some time ago, she gave birth to her children, but suddenly one day a fire broke out, and she had to take the children out of the house.

Although the fire was very strong and that in addition to his life „the brave dog was in danger“, the mother of the heroine took the puppy by the mouth right next to the fire truck, and then returned to the next one.

She thought it would be safer for his little ones in a fire truck.

Finally, when the fire was put out, firefighters saw the sweet family reunite.

The dog curled up and licked all the babies. Firefighters took this wonderful family to the veterinary clinic.

Knowing that everything was fine with their mother’s puppies, they returned them to their owners.

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