In the United States, the guide dog received a master’s degree with its owner


This strange incident occurred in the USA when a dog took part in the delivery of university diplomas.

The dog and its owner received a master’s degree together. But he did not receive his prize alone.

Photos of this wonderful dog are circulating on the internet, being widely viewed and getting a lot of comments.

But along with the moving images of the dog, we are convinced by the long history of his work.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend.

It turns out that the water lover of his lover was diagnosed with a disease, pain syndrome, from fear, and he adopted this dog, which was supposed to help him in life all the days.

He even went to classes with a girl.

Together they participated in various projects, conferences, meetings.

When Brittany was trained at a special military base in Carolina, the dog was also next to her.

All these merits allowed the officials of the educational institution to confirm the receipt of the Griffin diploma for his kindness and determination.

Despite the fact that Brittan had to work as a therapist in the army, the dog continued to leave the girl alone.

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