Interesting facts about hedgehogs


The hedgehog first appeared in the world 15 million years ago. According to average data, there are about a thousand needles on it, and they are regularly updated.

It is amazing that they have teeth, and they, like people, lose them in old age.

As a rule, they are very good with people, like other pets. Hedgehog meat is a dish that was considered a traditional meal in Rome.

Another interesting fact about him is that the hedgehog hibernates for 128 days and while he sleeps his temperature drops and after waking up he is so hungry that he is looking for food.

Most hedgehogs have tails, but they are so small that they do not grow under the needles.

They have good laboratory vision and hearing and run very fast.

Hedgehogs are immune to snake venom, although they do not intentionally catch these snakes.

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