This golden retriever was born with two noses


It happens in the world that people or animals are born with a defect. Our story is about a cute dog named Wally who was born with two noses.

One day, fate smiled at him and he was adopted by a girl named Lana. She saw him and fell in love with him at first sight. The cute dog just won her over with his unique and cute look.

With a unique sense of smell, the dog fits perfectly into family life, often spending his days running around the family farm.

He feels absolutely happy and is in no way different from other dogs. And his cute defect makes him more unique!

While Lana was working at the cafe she owned, many people hated her dog and came over to make sure she had two noses.

He was a very sweet dog and immediately attracted all passers-by.

His fault was a small crack on his chin. Lana said that they chose Wally as a small puppy because of his cute nose. He also had another dog named Sunny.

They quickly became inseparable, running around the farm together, swimming or swimming in the lake together.

Apart from being a congenital malformation, it has no other characteristics and problems compared to others.

His family loves their dog very much and wouldn’t trade him for anyone else! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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