Dog can’t believe she’s finally found a home after 2381 days at the shelter


This old dog named Higgins spent most of his life in a shelter because no one wanted to adopt him.

Despite this, neither the dog nor the shelter staff gave up and were still waiting for the dog to be reunited with a loving family.

Once he was adopted at a young age, but since they could not offer him a good life there, he was taken back to the orphanage.

Nevertheless, Higgins always hoped that a kind person would appear who would eventually adopt him.

After so much time, everyone decided that something was wrong with Higgins.

His face looked scared and worried. Fortunately, only after 2381 days did he find a better family for him.

They learned about the history of the dog from the Internet and were immediately captivated by its beauty.

He knew that this dog would just become his most faithful friend, he felt it.

He says that the dog was the most beautiful for him of all! He decided that he wanted to spend his life with this charming dog and was very surprised that no one had adopted him during this time.

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