The safest place: the cat brought the kittens where they could not be found


One day, a woman saw a dead baby in her yard and decided that there were many like her in the area and they needed help.

People started looking for him everywhere, but they found him in a very strange place.

A woman is working in the garden when she notices cubs.

She immediately turned to a local charity for help. She suspected that something had happened to their mother, or that the other cubs were also in danger at this time. The staff started looking.

They searched everywhere, even handed out posters, checked cameras and interviewed passers-by.

After a while, they finally found the hunting cat and set up a special check to see where it was heading. And finally, someone saw the cat enter the industrial zone, jump on the containers, climb the tree, disappear from the tree. Branches.

The volunteers then checked the tree and found cats there. They just understood why no one could find them, because no one could have thought that they could be in such a high place.

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