A frozen man risks his life and refuses to stay in the hospital to save his dog’s life


This is Jay Mitchell, he couldn’t walk because his legs were frozen. He urgently needed an amputation. Now this man is in the medical center, but still needs long-term treatment and care.

Lately he had a lot of problems: he lost his wife, and the reason for this was cancer.

Then there were problems with the rent and he stayed at home. But the most important thing was that, despite this circumstance, his faithful dog did not leave him. Mitchell had to live in his own truck for a while.

The church members then found him a room, but it was too late, his body was already frozen. He was rushed to the clinic.

He had to stay in the hospital for a long time, but he refused it for the sake of his dog, which he left alone in his room, and was worried for his life.

Although the doctors advised him not to go home because they said he would die, he was not sure. He kept thinking about the dog, his dog could have died there, and Mitchell hadn’t seen his dog since he got back to the hospital.

But one day he was very surprised to see a dog in the hospital. They let the dog in because they knew he meant so much to his owner.

GoFundMe donated the money Mitchell decided to use to buy a new home. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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