Abandoned dog roamed the streets looking for shelter from the storm and found his eternal home


One day, a storm broke out in Florida. All people were evacuated and taken to shelters.

But in many cases they ran away on their own, leaving their animals there. There are also homeless animals on the streets that they mistreat.

This story took place during this storm. One day, a homeless dog was desperately looking for shelter and stopped in front of the house.

The woman opened the door and saw that the dog seemed to be asking for help. He approached the woman without thinking for a long time. They let the dog in and fed him, he was so hungry that he ate several dishes at once.

The dog was in a very dirty condition and even had injuries. When the dog was invited, they immediately realized how friendly he was.

They decided to take care of him and let him play in their garden. They later took the dog to the vet for a checkup.

He then began to wonder if this dog was a stray or if he had an owner. As a result, it became known that the dog belonged to several families and lived very poorly.

It turned out that the previous owner left the dog on the side of the road because he could not keep him.

And now the dog needed to find a loving and warm family. Luckily, this family adopted her and named her Amy.

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