Mother cat brings her babies to the man who helped her


The cat was found behind a car dealership. At that time his head was in a jar, he was very confused, and when the merchant removed the jar from his head, he quickly ran away.

One day Brian Sheppard learned of the incident and went to rescue him, but was unable to find him. When he closed the store, he saw a cat outside the store.

He went to the cat, picked him up and fed him the food that was for him, but he did not eat. The cat was very hungry, returned two days later. She fed the cat again and noticed that the cat had just given birth. He named the cat Sophie.

Then a week later, Brian found out where the cat lives, the cat continued to follow him and spend time together. While Brian was busy, the cat slept under his desk.

Some time later, Brian came to the house where the cat lived and saw his kids. When Brian wanted to take them, the owner said that he could take them all, but the owner’s daughter was against it.

After a while they disappeared and Brian thought they didn’t want to give away their cats either, but Sophie returned one evening to ask for food with her little ones.

From that moment on, he lived with Brian and changed his whole life!

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