Family finds out their dog is a hero with this message tied around his neck


Louie the dog lived with Marilyn Diver’s parents on their farm because she was very small.

He was a very active dog, always having fun with his family. However, when he grew up, he preferred only to walk around the house.

It happened just as Marilyn was visiting her parents, who were only worried because they had no idea where their dog might be. But in the evening the dog returned with a note around his neck.

The dog then looked very tired. They thought they hurt the dog. But when they saw what was written on a piece of paper, they were very moved.

It was written there that this dog is a hero of the day. It turns out that an old man named Maddie disappeared that day.

Maddy got stuck under the branches. The dog helped Robin find his little dog by taking him to where Maddie was. Louie helped Robin cut it down by pulling on the branches and digging in the ground. Thanks to Louie, he’s alive.

But after all this, Louie was very tired and did not want to eat or drink anything. It wasn’t until the next day, when Rob and Maddie visited him, that he felt better.

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