Photographer captures photogenic mice wading through tulips


These unrealistically cute shots were taken by a very famous artist who has his own course in which he teaches students to photograph various animals.

He has his own photo studio where he takes his photos, he invites others there, because such equipment is hard to find anywhere else.

It is very convenient and even weather conditions cannot become an obstacle for a photo session, but depending on the wishes of the client, they are ready to provide an open studio.

All the animals he photographs grow on their own and, unlike wild animals, they are more calm and adaptable. And after the photo shoots, the animals are sent to the reserves.

Mice have a lot of fun during the photo shoot as they love to chew flower nectars. And when they use it, the photographer does his job.

Take a look at these fabulous and charming pictures that will cheer you up even on the saddest day.

We present you with these wonderful images that will make you happy and give you a smile even on the saddest days.

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