Surfers hear the cry of a baby whale and rush to the rescue


At that moment, the baby almost drowned. Fortunately, the surfers noticed his screams and quickly came to his aid.

Once Mauricio Camareno was there with his friends when he noticed something strange in the water. Suddenly the animal came out from under the water.

As they approached him to get a better look at what had happened to him, they heard the cry of an animal. Unfortunately, the animal was so exhausted that it could not stay afloat.

Surfers immediately rushed to help the animal. neither wanted to help him in any way and save his life.

They accompanied the animal to the sea and for some time helped the animal to stay afloat, because it could not stand on its own.

For more than 6 hours, the rescuers were faithful to this noble cause, doing everything to restore the whale’s strength.

They eventually managed to get the whale to where it could swim on its own. They did a very good job. They are real heroes!

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