The owners granted the last wish of a dog dying of cancer and gave him autumn snow


Residents voluntarily found all the necessary items and rushed to Eli. The couple has always been very fond of traveling and took with them a dog named Maggie.

They enjoyed crossing rivers and mountains on hiking trails, and the dog loved it too. The dog especially liked the snowy areas where he could crawl, play and have fun.

But one day the sad news came out: the dog had cancer and, unfortunately, it developed very quickly. Then his loving owners decided to grant the dog’s wish, including about snow.

Its owners quickly fulfilled all the desires of the dog, except for snow. The dog’s health deteriorated sharply, and he could only endure it in the winter. He was supposed to create artificial snow.

They turned to local residents for help and contacted the manager of the rink.

In the end, thanks to the efforts of everyone, the snow was delivered to their yard.

Exhausted by illness, the dog played a little ball in the snow and fulfilled his last wish. Then he was taken to a euthanasia clinic so that he would not suffer from pain …

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