‚Unacceptable‘ dog returned to shelter four times finds its purpose and unexpectedly saves a life


This dog, named Ruby, has already been admitted to the shelter four times.

She was unacceptable to many, and even the shelter staff did not want to look for a foster family, but wanted her to be euthanized.

And fortunately, one of the employees tried to put all his thoughts aside.

He wanted to give the puppy an extra chance to learn some discipline he thought the dog was too smart for. He called the Rhode Island police to see if they could train a dog there.

It turned out that the rigor of training is just what Ruby needs.

O’Neill was a member of this unit who was always in need of a companion dog, so he found one that would also become his friend. The first time he entered his house, the dog was very awkward.

Therefore, it took him a lot of patience and painstaking work. Before Ruby learned discipline from her new partner, it took a lot of effort, time and energy.

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