The fox fell into a trap and was rescued, now he lives as a pet


Recently a fox was found in a trap and rescued. Now she is considered a pet, eats dry food, walks on a leash and sleeps in a basket.

The story of this fox began rather sadly: a wild animal fell into a trap, got tangled in ropes and was seriously injured.

By chance, employees of the wild animal rescue center found her. They brought the injured animal home and tried to help him.

In the end, they managed to cure him, but the story of the animal does not end there. All this happened in Warwickshire, UK.

Fortunately, there was a very good rehabilitation center where the fox was able to fully recover from severe injuries, although this will take a long time.

The fact is that the fox has become too domesticated during the time it has been with humans and probably would not have survived in its original wild form.

However, a man named Jeff Greycock, who heard the story, did not like this change at all because it left the fox without a master. He decided to take it for himself.

A fox named Roxy was delighted with her new home and, to everyone’s surprise, began to behave like a normal house dog.

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