When it’s time for a walk, the dog always follows his deaf sister


This is Lilie, she quickly became an unique friend of her owner and her other dog Kinley.

Then, she was just a service dog for her, who was in a wheelchair, but Kinly also needed help because she was deaf. She was a lifesaver for both of them.

The dog got used to it very quickly, and when their owner calls Kinly, Lilie rushes to inform the other dog that it’s time for them to go for a walk.

Bridget says that the two dogs spend all day together and Kinly follows Lilie’s signals. Without it, the dog would not be able to recognize and navigate.

Lili is very caring to Kinly. She is also very helpful to her owner. They could not live like this without Lilie, she is a real miracle!

She also learns a lot from the other dog by imitating her behavior.

Bridgette is very happy with this wonderful company and says that they love and care about each other very much!

They are an example even for people. Everyone should learn something from this story. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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