A cream-colored bear cub was spotted playing with her black bear mother


This wonderful 5 month old cream fur cub was spotted in British Columbia with her mother who did not match his coloration.

He was spotted and photographed by Environmental Planning Manager – Arthur De Jong.

The little cub was playing with his mother on the mountain.

Scientists believe that this is either an albino bear or a spirit bear.

Both of these outcomes are associated with a genetic mutation affecting their pigmentation.

But until someone sees whether his eyes are albino pink or not, we can’t say for sure.

They say he’s not really white, he has a caramel, light, brownish sheen to his fur.

They have heard repeatedly from various bear experts that his fur color is actually the result of recessive genes from both parents.

According to the bear expert, he saw a polar bear cub in the area for the first time in 23 years.

It is unique in its kind!

He said that he had seen black, reddish brown, chocolate brown, or some light-colored cubs, but had never seen almost white-coated cubs in this population!

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