A dog with huge eyelashes fascinates people with its beauty


Many worry when they see this dog, and many get confused, but this is not at all necessary. Surprisingly, these unusual long eyelashes are real.

Of course, it’s hard to believe in all that, but its owner assures that they are all natural.

This dog’s name is Walt, he is considered the most beautiful dog in the world. His owner says he has been like this since he was young.

It belonged to Chloe, who worked as a nanny and was immediately fascinated by the unusual appearance of the animal.

He was, in fact, a very lame dog, he had to be groomed and cleaned every day with a special brush, in addition, he had to be taken to the hairdresser and varnished.

The dog is always in the center of her attention, and she likes to be admired and always paid attention to.

However, doctors recommend trimming his eyelashes as they can impair his vision. However, his owner is sure that he takes good care of his pet and no problems can arise.

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