The couple gave birth to beautiful twins, look what they are doing now


When these twin girls were born 9 years ago, their mother fell in love with them at first sight.

She considered her children insanely beautiful.

When she shared photos of the children on social media, many began to send offers of cooperation with modeling agencies.

The girls were so distinguished by their unique beauty that everyone wanted to shoot them in films and commercials.

They would even be happy to just have a photo shoot with the kids.

But in addition to daughters Mary and Rose, a year before the birth of their daughters, a son was born in the Clements family, who was also distinguished by incredible beauty.

They are even jokingly called „model family“.

Now the girls have grown up and decided to act in commercials and participate in photo shoots themselves.

They simply bask in the attention of the public and adults, pleased with their whims.

When the children were still very young, the mother refused to accept the agents‘ offer, as she did not want to deprive the children of their childhood.

But when the girls were 7 years old, my mom talked to them and asked if they would like to start modeling as a hobby.

The girls were happy and accepted.

It should be noted that these are the most ordinary children: they go to school, go in for sports.

And photo shoots are just a hobby for them, which they really like.

The girls‘ brother also receives offers to take part in the filming.

Parents do not want to impose their opinion on children and coordinate their decisions with them and give them the opportunity to express their opinion.

Of course, there were people who accused parents of depriving children of their childhood, did not understand what they were doing, and all that.

But in any case, the mother paid no attention to them.

At the very least, there will always be those „haters“ who oppose maternal parenting methods.

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