The generous owner of the restaurant feeds dinner every night to all the stray dogs in the area


We often write about the cruelty of people towards animals. But not everything is so clear.

In our time, consciousness is growing and many people show a very noble and kind attitude towards our smaller brothers, and our history once again proves this.

Once, a dog dropped into one of the Peruvian restaurants. She was afraid of everyone and did not eat for a very long time.

Ortiz Gerardo is the owner of the restaurant, who behaved very humanely. He not only did not drive the shaggy one away, but also prepared a dish especially for him and fed him.

It is interesting that very soon the dog dragged other companions to the restaurant and the number of dogs there began to gradually increase.

And this good tradition has been going on for five years already, and the fame of this unusual institution has spread throughout the city.

The man gave food to any dog ​​that showed up at the doorstep of his restaurant.

All customers of the restaurant are already accustomed to the presence of dogs and sometimes even bring food and help Ortiz, who wrote on his page on the social network that they do not pay in hard currency, but give happiness, kindness and devotion.

The restaurant even has a regular customer – dog Lazzie, incredibly friendly and well-mannered. She comes to the restaurant every day for five years and many visitors even come to the restaurant to get to know her.

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