You have never seen such dogs! The famous dog show in New York


The Westminster Dog Show 2020 is a holiday for those who love four-legged beauties! The participants of the show will win the hearts of even those who are completely indifferent to them!

By giving a paw, you can relax! This is a cute Cocker Spaniel from the backstage of the show.

This wonderful golden retriever named Daniel became a favorite and won a prize in the sports part of the program!

What do you know about the expression „dissolve the tail“, hmm ?!

By the way, the exhibition is on now – these are pictures from yesterday’s performance.

A young athlete in anxious waiting backstage … and I’m not talking about the athlete who holds the leash 🙂

Yorkshire Terriers surrounded by beauty groomers.

Hmm, I am also interested in the question – where did the plush toys come from at the exhibition ?!

A Chinese crested dog backstage… I hope she wasn’t forced to put on a respirator before her performance.

This is how I see half of the ladies I know who come to the beauty salon for procedures … but they obviously have more hair!

Remember, you should never say the phrase „and if I squeeze it, will it squeak?“ two categories of people: 1) naked men 2) owners of poodles.

And this is not dirt at all, but a stylish styling!

A pound of concentrated fluffiness and cuteness looks something like this.

Guys, remember! Compliments about a luxurious beard are in no way possible! Even if she really suits her…

This poodle is waiting for his fate… after all, we are in the judging stage!

Yin and Yang in the dog’s equivalent is simply beautiful.

Either be touched by these Shih Tzu, or wait for them to start teaching you kung fu.

If I had a soul, I would sell it for a pug. But alas, my cats would not appreciate a new neighbor …

Lassie, is that you?

Just look how much patience there is in those eyes… but what can you do? Haircut is important!

If you find someone who will carry you like this lady carries her French bulldog, consider yourself very lucky in this life!

I wonder if the dogs sing in the hair dryer, like my friends do in the shower?

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