This cat begged for meat from the saleswoman every day and took it somewhere with him


Not only people, but also animals also like to have a good and faithful friend. This is important for each of us.

This is once again proved by this touching story, which tells how a cat every day asks for meat from the butcher and brings it to the traveler.

One day this cat went into a butcher shop and began to ask the sellers for food.

But the seller took it from his store. The next day the cat returned, quietly sat by the window and waited.

The seller decided to give him the rest. However, the cat did not eat it, but picked it up and took it with it.

The seller at first thought that the cat did it because he wanted to eat elsewhere, and then every day the same story was repeated, and the seller decided to take the cat back.

And he suddenly discovered that the cat was actually carrying the meat to his friend, who had an injured paw, not for himself.

He decided to take the injured cat to the vet at his home.

When he recovered, they both already lived in the house of the saleswoman.

It’s good that they were able to find what they were looking for so long.

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