Brody is different, but he has found a home and will become a therapy dog


Despite its strange appearance, this dog has found a permanent family. He is specially trained as a therapist to help special people, his name was Brody.

Fortunately, now he is surrounded by love, despite his violent past. When he was only a few days old, he was attacked by his own mother and disfigured the entire dog, even the dog was partially blind.

And despite the fact that he doesn’t quite look like other normal dogs, he still works hard to look good. Brody can easily win the heart of any person with his bright personality.

This enigmatic dog was adopted by Amanda Richter and Braid Ames, they went above and beyond to make the dog feel loved by the family, so the dog is tolerant and a therapy dog.

But after some time he had to be transferred to McDonald’s Kennel Rescue, saying that he was hyperactive. Fortunately, now he lives with good people who accept everything as he is.

The couple found out about the dog online and immediately decided to adopt him. Amanda says that although the dog is hyperactive, his brain is fine and he is actually very smart and capable.

Brody also has an Instagram page where he posts pictures of the dog and stories about it. And now he has a lot of followers.

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