Flying upside down goose spotted in the Netherlands


The photo of this strange goose caused heated discussions in social networks. Everyone tried to understand what he was doing.

Once he was noticed by photographer Vincent Hornelissen and surprised by the flight of a goose. He chose a strange path and made unusual movements.

Fortunately, a moment after the flight, he managed to capture it on the artist’s camera and put it on the Internet, a funny photo immediately attracted the attention of users, and they began to actively discuss it.

Expert Lars Soerink joined the discussions. According to him, it was a male goose trying to show others his tricks.

When geese learn to fly, they think about what else they can do in the air, how far they can fly. The expert notes that they did this mainly in order to impress.

This movement is a common and well-known step of birds.

This photo was very useful to scientists, it is used to explain the course at the university.

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