The guy was reunited with his mother after 20 years and found out that all this time they worked in the same hospital


After 20 years of searching, a guy reunites with his biological mother after she unexpectedly texts him on Facebook.

This is Benjamin Halleberg who always knew he was adopted and wanted to know his biological mother, whom he only knew as Holly.

He always spoke of his gratitude towards her and how he would like to meet her one day. Meanwhile, Holly never forgot the child she gave up for adoption 20 years ago.

He always been on her mind. Holly searched the Internet and landed on Benjamin’s page on the social network. He was then 18 and there were so many things in his life. But she decided to watch from afar.

This was unknown to Benjamin, who had been looking for his biological mother for many years. He tried for many years to find her, but knew only her name – Holly.

So when Holly sent him a happy birthday message on Facebook 6 months ago, Halleberg’s world was turned upside down.

He even remembers exactly that he was at work then. He was working at that moment when the messages came in, he picked up the phone, saw his message and just decided to reply.

He added, „When she answered me and told me who she was, it hit me like a pile of bricks.“

Halleberg said the life-changing message elicited an emotional response. He was crying, all this caused him very positive emotions. This was the day he had been waiting for all his life.

After such a long wait, Halleberg asked Holly Shearer to meet him. She didn’t even expect it! Benjamin said he didn’t want to wait any longer!

Shearer and his family first met the Hallebergs. They mostly looked the way she remembered them, so that was cute for her. They just sat and talked.

Then, after about 5 minutes, Benjamin came up, walked over to her, and they were both delighted. They cried and hugged for a long time.

When Benjamin saw her, she got up and hugged him, and he wept. He said it was his lifelong dream.

There was a feeling that they were both under 20 years old, although it has been 20 years since Benjamin grew up, but this connection still exists!

They soon discovered that they had been very close all along, as both worked at the same hospital for 2 years. She even said that she walked past the intensive care unit every day. They could be on the same floor and had no idea they were that close.

After the reunion, he often meets with Shearer, whom he also refers to as „Mom“.

Emotions overwhelm both. Benjamin is grateful that he can at least have morning coffee with her and talk about life.

And Shearer is just incredibly happy that he has his phone number in his contacts and he can call and see him whenever he wants! It’s just amazing!

Never lose hope. It happened to them when they least expected it. This is something that happened completely unexpectedly.

Now both feel very whole and complete. What’s cuter than this? If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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