Dog thrown off balcony by owner finally finds love and care


All sad stories have happy endings. Sometimes animals suffer greatly because of their cruel owners. And it is very commendable that even after that they can live better.

This miracle dog was the victim of the same abuse and lived a hellish life in the past.

In 2020, police received a report of a case in which a middle-aged woman attempted suicide by assaulting her housewife.

But it was very frustrating when the woman and her German Shepherd ran out of her room and suddenly threw the dog off the ramp, luckily the dog was not hurt that day.

Knowing the history of the dog and seeing his photos, many wanted to get him. However, in the end, the dog appeared in the family of Bridget and Ted.

His former owner was fined, and he had to pay a large fine. Fortunately, the dog quickly became friends with his new owner and was finally able to live in peace.

We hope that animals will no longer be subjected to cruel treatment! They don’t deserve this!

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