Hungry dog licked the glass door and became the hero of the waiting memes


Sometimes the animals in the photos have such funny faces that the result is something very cool and funny. Here is the story behind this series of funny images.

Just look how this cute dog looks, he finally got his coveted candy!

Anna Dunford has two dogs at home. Their names are Bear and Baloo. The girl has long wondered why the glass in the door is constantly dirty, and she has to clean it all the time.

Recently, a woman realized what the problem was, and it turned out that Baloo’s reason was too emotional.

This was discovered by Anna’s mother, who spent a day with the dogs and even took photographs as evidence.

While she was cooking in the kitchen, she deliberately kept the dogs out so that they would not interfere and get food faster.

Baloo’s mother sat and waited to eat, and her son rang the doorbell, actively licking the glass in the door.

He continued to do this, even when his wife noticed him, who in the meantime managed to take a rather funny picture.

Anna decided to share these cute and funny pictures on social networks. Thus, Baloo became an exemplary meme.

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