Man turns old car tires into cozy beds for stray dogs and cats


This great idea was born two years ago when a man named Amarildo discovered a large number of tires in the parking lot of his workplace.

He always liked to make crafts from materials that are no longer used and thrown away, so he wanted to make something useful out of those old tires.

He was inspired to start this project when he saw that dogs and cats were very fond of sleeping on old tires, so they used those tires as shelter on the streets.

And he began to make tires for them, so that it would be more comfortable for homeless animals to live.

First he takes the tires, brings them home, washes them, paints them, decorates them, and names the animal for which they are intended. In addition, he sews blankets for animals.

To date, he has made more than six thousand beds for homeless animals, which have become very popular! Sometimes he even receives orders from all over the world.

Aside from doing a good job, Amarildo can actually make money from this charcoal. It turns environmental waste into something useful. This is a brilliant idea.

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