The goose knocks on the door of the veterinary clinic and comes to console his wounded friend


The name of this Armenian goose is Arnold. She lives in a pond near the New England Wildlife Centers.

But one day, the staff of the center noticed that the goose could not walk normally, and when they took it for examination, it suddenly turned out that the animal had a broken bone.

No one can imagine what happened to her, most likely she was attacked by another animal.

He had to be urgently operated on and, unfortunately, amputated. He was already being prepared for surgery and prescribed medications, but the unforeseen happened.

The operation had not yet begun, the staff heard a knock on the clinic door. They went to see who it was, and were very surprised to see a goose friend there. He tried to get into the clinic to see Arnold.

The goose had to remain at the door until the end of the operation and was impatiently waiting for his faithful friend. Fortunately, everything turned out well and I just needed treatment.

When he opened his eyes after the operation, his friend Amelia was let in. Finally they were together. Arnold had to stay at the clinic to change the dressing and pick up the animal.

And Amelia continued to go to her friend. When the goose finally recovered, it was released back into the wild. Amelia was waiting for her there, they went swimming together.

The healers said that the goose would no longer have any complications and would now be able to walk comfortably.

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