The rude mother made fun of the „dirty“ stranger in the store, who later revealed his true identity


When Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington, walked into the store to run some errands, he didn’t expect to be the object of a mother-to-daughter life lesson.

Andy worked in construction, so on some days he looked like a typical worker, had a shabby appearance, wore dirty clothes. This day was one of those days, and the dirt covering his clothes and face made the girl stare at him.

Her mother told her to stop looking at him, and as they finished shopping and walked out, the construction worker overheard her mother telling her daughter that that was why she needed to stay at school and do well.

Andy was surprised by this woman’s judgmental behavior and so went to Facebook to write an open letter about her. He recounted what had happened and then proceeded to explain why she had made a mistake when she judged him on appearances.

He listed his level of education, which includes not only a high school diploma, but also several medical certificates and a college diploma.

He talked about how destructive such behavior of a woman can be, which took the form of a simple life lesson.

He explained that if his tattoos and appearance made his mother believe that a man had no education, then this at least speaks of the woman’s shortsightedness, and not about her experience in understanding other people.

Andy also explained that his tattoos represented his love for his country and his pride in having served in it as a specialist in certain construction operations carried out in different parts of the country.

He also spoke of his love for his work in construction, as he was able to improve his country every day and make it more beautiful.

He used to work in an office, but preferred to go out and get his hands dirty, which later led him to realize that this type of work pays better. So he began to work in this area, providing his family with everything necessary.

He ended this open letter by stating that his appearance does not reflect his education or intelligence and asking others not to judge those they see based on appearance alone.

At the end of his tirade, Andy could not help but point out the really important life lessons that can help every person.

His post spread around almost the entire planet, and many users shared the views of the man, supported him, believing that appearance is not an object of discussion and criticism!

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