Dehydrated dog leads people to her puppy and asks for help


One day, passers-by saw a dog in Udaipur. He was very thin, had not drunk water for a long time, did not eat, and walked around asking for help.

When people saw that she was actually a breastfeeding mother, they immediately called rescuers so that they could help the poor dog.

The poor dog couldn’t even move. When the man approached to feed the dog, he graciously allowed her to pet him, despite his difficult past and condition.

They took the mother and child to the intensive care center, where they were treated and restored to health.

Unfortunately, the mother was in a very poor condition than the baby, she was very thin and left almost without hair.

The dog was finally taken care of and had to go through a lengthy recovery period, but his condition soon improved.

After she ate well for a while, she looked even better, gained weight, her skin recovered.

Now mom and baby are finally safe in the shelter, and most importantly, they are surrounded by caring people who love and protect them.

They thanked their rescuers for the rescue. And we are also grateful, thank you for not leaving the poor mother on the street!

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