The dog watched with sad eyes as people walked past her at the shelter and how she was ignored


This is Sue who was found on the street and taken to the dog shelter by caring passers-by. Although she survived on her own for a long time, she didn’t get mad at people.

She was able to maintain her kind and affectionate nature. The girl spent a lot of time in the shelter, but no one wanted to give her a real home.

When she was a little puppy, she found herself on the streets of the English town of Bath. When passers-by spotted the defenseless toddler wandering the streets, they took her to an animal shelter.

The dog refused to be affectionate, kind and obedient, so they took her to the shelter with open arms.

She was named Sue at the shelter and immediately became one of the staff’s favorites.

The shelter staff was sure that when the time came to look for her owners, a sweet and obedient dog would quickly be in reliable, loving hands, but everything turned out completely differently …

Sue has been living in a shelter for 3 years and so far no one has wanted to take her in.

All once people liked the dog, but she did not live long in the new house – the family could not cope with it and returned the animal back. Then she was very upset, because she did not understand what she had done wrong.

Sue lived in a shelter and hundreds of other dogs managed to get into these walls and then leave them, accompanied by new families. Sue could only watch them go, hiding her sad eyes.

At first, the girl really had difficulties with behavior, but she matured, took a course with a trainer and became very obedient and well-mannered.

The shelter staff do not lose faith that soon Sue will find her home, and her new owners will be able to understand and appreciate what a miracle they got.

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