A mother pit bull filled with milk approaches the rescuers and asks them to help her puppies


I never cease to be amazed at the care and concern with which animals treat their children.

And if the kids are in danger, then the mother animal will protect them until the last breath.

The Rescue Service received information about a dog whose health condition inspired great concern.

Volunteers rushed to help. And the dog had to be rescued urgently.

As soon as the workers saw him, they immediately realized that the dog had recently given birth, but there were no offspring nearby.

The fact that the sufferer calmly let the man in and let him put on a collar with a leash proved that she used to be at home.

The Rescue Service got the impression that the dog seemed to know that people had come to help her.

The main problem that faced the defenders of our smaller brothers was to find newborn puppies and try to connect the babies with their mother.

The worker tried to put the dog in the car, but the animal persistently pulled in the other direction. Volunteers decided to trust and followed the dogs.

And imagine – the animal led the rescuers to the house. Neighbors said that the owner of this sufferer went to prison, and a friend of the inmate looked after the dog, but it’s clear that he didn’t …

But the most surprising thing is that he was not going to give away the kids, he had to connect law enforcement officers. With the help of the police, they managed to seize all the little ones.

The two puppies were very weak, but the volunteers hoped that by connecting with their mother, the dogs would have a huge chance of survival. And so it happened.

This family was placed in a shelter, where for the first time the animals were looked after around the clock by a veterinarian and voluntary assistants.

All the children are alive, the mother-dog protects and takes care of her cubs.

When all the participants in the operation to rescue and reunite the canine family watch these animals, people understand that the grateful and happy eyes of an adult dog, the contented squeak of her puppies is the main reward for the work they do every day.

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