A teenage girl became the mother of a donkey, and it changed the lives of both


High school student Peyton Dankworth accidentally became the mistress of a tiny donkey named Jack, whom the girl is very proud of. She saved the baby from death, and he became one of her favorite pets.

One day, a friend of Payton’s was riding a horse and met a little donkey who had been abandoned by his mother.

The kid was exhausted and hungry, and the young man told Payton about this. The poor animal was in a very bad condition. The girl agreed to take care of the animal.

She could not stay away, she decided to leave the baby. At the same time, Dankworth does not have a farm, they live in a standard cottage for the United States, so the donkey settled right in the house.

The hardest was the first night when he tried to force him to eat and bathe.

Having overcome the difficult first stage, Payton and Jack became inseparable. Although he had never had such an experience before, he now needed to take care of an animal.

The animal is very mobile, likes to play with dogs. The girl says that the donkey loves her dogs very much and the girl walks with them together. And since he grew up surrounded by animals, he could easily take care of the animals.

When Payton goes to school, he misses Jack. Meanwhile, the donkey plays with the dogs and has fun.

From the moment Jack came into her life, he was so inspired that he is now determined to live to take care of animals.

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