A man went viral online by bottle-feeding a small kitten on the subway


This is a very sweet story about a kind-hearted man! Who does not know what they will see in the New York subway in the next second.

Sometimes he just wants to turn around and go fast, but one day something completely different happened to Gillian Roberts when he came home.

And this extraordinary event that took place in the subway was filmed and broadcast on the Internet.

Once Roberts entered the subway and saw a man with a beautiful and small kitten in his arms. At the time, he was bottle-feeding the baby.

It was an amazing sight, he was very caring and affectionate towards his boyfriend.

This person, who decided to paint everything, was not satisfied, and he came up to talk to this kind person. It turned out that the man found the cat in the alley and killed himself so that the animal would grow up healthy.

It was obvious that the animal also reciprocated what its rescuer did. She carefully watched the man as he fed her.

In addition to the conversation, the eyewitness thanked the man for his care and generosity! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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