A police officer finds a homeless kitten under his car and decides to take him as his “partner”


Animals very often appear in our lives in very unexpected ways and in unexpected places. And we always show up at the right time and in the right place to help them.

This police officer and a stray cat faced such an unusual situation.

This cop named McDermott was at work one day when he discovered a stray cat that had hidden in his car and was afraid to get out.

He tried to catch the cat with food, which is one of the best ways to catch animals. And later they were on such good terms that he decided to get a cat.

He named the cat Banshee and became the man’s faithful partner. The cop mentions that he is the perfect partner.

We have seen many stories of police officers and other service workers adopting animals they find while on duty. This was one of those stories.

In addition to this cat, the policeman has other cats, dogs and snakes. Fortunately, this cat will have many friends in the new home and will live in a loving home.

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