The kitten climbed out of the cage to comfort the frightened dog at the vet


This cute cat was found in a storm drain after a heavy downpour, completely soaked and in need of help. His rescuer quickly took him to the clinic, then he was isolated so that he could be treated calmly and recover.

Ginger was a little nervous when he arrived at the hospital. He was only a few weeks old and very scared.

At first, he was a little wary of everyone who passed by and cared for him.

Ginger was very shy and affectionate. At first he was a little wary of everyone, but then he got used to it and even began to communicate with them.

Luckily for Ginger, he was only given isolation for himself – apart from a dog named Ann. A dog named Ann also ended up in the hospital, she was found hiding in the bushes of the sports club.

She was covered in fleas and ticks and was very weak. She was taken to the hospital, and everyone immediately saw that she was ill.

They began to act, trying to cure her, and also put her in solitary confinement. Usually there cats are kept in separate rooms, but the isolation room is a special case.

Ann and Ginger’s crates were at the other end of the room. They couldn’t have any contact. However, it turned out that Ginger had other plans.

One day, the staff entered the isolation ward and stopped abruptly. Ginger wasn’t in her drawer. Instead, he hugged Ann in the cage.

They never thought it would happen, but they were calm because the dog was too weak to see the threat there.

Seeing how tenderly and tightly they embraced each other and seemed to console each other, they calmed down.

They were just really scared seeing them together at first, because it doesn’t always happen when a cat and a dog react well to each other.

However, when they saw how sweet Ann was to Ginger and how much they loved each other, they calmed down a bit.

They were kind of comforting each other and although the staff tried to separate them again, it didn’t work. Ann and Ginger decided that they should be together.

After that, the kitten was put back into the cage, where there was his food and water, but he immediately got out of there and returned to his friend.

Now Ann and Ginger are constantly sharing the box, and they are very happy about it.

Ann was so weak when she first went to the hospital, but having Ginger by her side seems to help her recover and give her strength.

This is a special case. They love to cuddle, eat and play together! But the kitten’s favorite game is chasing Ann’s tail!

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